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Who am I? That was the ultimate question for me. Because who are we? This is a question I struggled with for a long time. As a teenager I always had a very tough attitude. I did what I wanted without taking people into account. As a child, I grew up in a family with only my mother and my brother. There was no father figure. This led me to subconsciously abhor men and at the same time want them to be with me. I looked for validation from men because my father wasn't there. A few days after my 19 birthday I became the mother of a son. The most beautiful gift I could receive. Soon my pattern that I have always had with men emerged again and this relationship ended. To fill that void, I went from relationship to relationship. But the void was never filled. Over time I began to recognize this pattern and knew that this was something I never wanted. I had sworn off men at that point. I was going to dedicate my life to me and my son.

I now had the time to work on myself and break my patterns. Because I didn't grow up with my father, I missed part of my heritage. My beautiful African,South-American roots. A part that was in me but that I didn't know who it was. I had to go back, back to my sacred roots. There I found her, hugged her and loved her. I was complete. Well, that's what I thought anyway.


One beautiful evening a vet came to castrate my horse. 11 months later we started handfasting. The rest is history. This is the man who belongs to me. I could now easily break through all the patterns because I had a man with a healthy masculine energy.


At the moment the 3 of us live on a small farm, together with 4 horses, 9 dogs, 3 sheep, 10 cats and a few chickens. And i love it 

So take my hand en lets go on a beautiful journey together. A journey of sacred paths of ancient tribes, sacred sensuality, self love and change.

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